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By Marko Modiano

ISBN-10: 9144614519

ISBN-13: 9789144614519

Scholarly learn of the variations among British English and American English, meant for faculty newcomers. It has an intensive dictionary-like vocabulary part with British phrases and American equivalents, e.g. torch = flashlight and explanatory observation for every note. It additionally has lengthy record of British and American spell and vocabulary. Plus it has a piece on expressions equivalent to "carry coals to Newcastle" and their factors. Bibliography, index, 150pp.

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These terms are readily understood by people familiar with naval terminology. 2n mileometer odometer Instrument in an automobile used to record the number of miles or kilometers traveled. The British term is not used in the US. 3n milk float dairy truck The BrE term is not used or commonly understood in the US. It may be misunderstood as denoting a drink made of milk and ice cream. 1n milk tooth 2n minced meat hamburger (meat) Americans may have difficulty recognizing the BrE term. Also, the AmE hamburger may be confused with the famous American dish which consists of two pieces of bread, a grilled patty of meat, let­ tuce, onions, pickle and tomatoes, and katchup, mustard, and/or dressing.

2n garden party lawn party 2n garden roller lawn roller 1n gear lever stick shift/gear shift 2n gents men’s room/rest room Although mutually understood, Americans do not generally use the term gents when referring to the men’s room. There are also a number of slang terms commonly used on both sides of the Atlan­ tic. BrE loo, and WC are not common in the US, and may not be understood. AmE John, head, and can, may or may not be compre­ hensible to British people. See toilet. 2n girl guide 2n given name first name The BrE term, while seemingly understandable, is not always com­ prehensible to Americans.

Underpants and panties, which are familiar terms in AmE, are referred to as underwear or underclothes. See trousers. 1n paper knife 2n paraffin kerosene (kerosine) BrE paraffin denotes a type of oil. AmE paraffin is used for the wax material candles are made of (BrE paraffin wax). AmE Kero­ sene is a thin oil often used as a fuel. This usage is the common usage in English speaking countries excluding Britain. 2n paraffin wax See paraffin. 1n parent company subsidiary Denotes large companies which own subsidiaries.

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